Promotions, Magazine coverage and radio interview

by daryldominguez

As some of you may know, outside the realm of my performance/theatrical endeavours I also have a career in skateboarding. Although the word ‘career’ doesn’t settle well in my stomach – Since I could never see it as a ‘job’. This may just suggest that maybe my definition of the word ‘job’ differs to the conventional one. I thought I would use this post to cover some skateboard related updates that I have gotten myself into. So…

Vans footwear have promoted me to the full UK skate team, so to make this official Vans have released a short online web clip to welcome me to the team entitled Stepping Up. I also have a teampage on the skate section of

Clip can be watched here

Team page can be viewed here

I recently had advertisement’s published for Dephect Clothing in Sidewalk Magazine issue 141 and 142. You can see this below:

Last but not least. Last week I did an interview for Stroud fm’s The Skateboarding Show hosted by Brett Dye. The Interview covers a lot about skateboarding and my cultural background but also my exploration in the field of performance, theatre and studies on my Modern Drama course. For those to wish to listen, you can hear it on the Soundcloud link below.